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It is absolutely gorgeous out today. Blue skies, light breeze, and a comfortable temperature hovering around 70. It’s that kind of weather that transforms your mood. All you want to do is be outside tossing around a baseball, throwing around a Frisbee, reading or just doing nothing but enjoying the day.

Today reminds me of the first time I looked at photos from a HUG service trip they took a couple of years ago. I was surprised to see blue skies in most of the photos. While preparing for the trip, I had been so focused on researching the work of William Snyder, Smiley Pool, and other photojournalists that have visited Romania that I completely forgot that the sun shines there, too. I’ve seen so many pictures of children in awful situations that it completely slipped my mind that there’s another side to this country.

I remember doing something similar before I studied abroad in Copenhagen a little over a year ago. I had this completely romanticized version of Europe in my head leading up to my flight. It was the place where you had great adventures, and everyone was, well, happy. I did have many great adventures during my four months there and I met happy people mixed in with a few unhappy ones. It took me a few weeks, but I realized that Europeans are human, too. They have the same basic needs and problems like us. Sure, their culture and traditions might be different, but we’re essentially the same.

In an effort to keep myself in the right frame of mind and not keep this blog so one-sided, I promise to post photos completely unrelated to the orphanages. And you can be sure that Sommer and I will also share our stories about getting stuck in a downpour without jackets/umbrellas or not knowing how to operate the bathroom.

Because you can count on one of those things happening.



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