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As a business major and a fairly sociable person, I’m big on networking. I understand it’s necessary in any industry and I rarely throw away a business card I get. That said, after two weeks of using Twitter, I’m convinced it’s the best networking tool on the web now.

And here are two examples of how Twitter rocks the networking scene:

Someone searched “Romania” on Twitter and found one of my tweets. This led to the beginning of a mini-conversation about the country. I found out that this person’s parents fled to the U.S. during communist dictator Ceauşescu’s reign and that he joined them after the revolution. Can you say potential story? And this person came to me unsolicited.

Then, last night, I’m glancing through the lists of people that my friends are following. I click on anyone that has a photo that looks like they might be a photographer. Interestingly enough, I run across a press photog that is stationed in Romania right now working on a long-term project. Something tells me that he might be helpful if we get into a bind over there.

And what was the one thing that was heavily emphasized in my breakout session at the ASMP Business Practices Seminar? Networking.

Why aren’t you on Twitter again?


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