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I’m going to build on my earlier post that made the oh so bold and unprecedented claim that the traditional world of journalism is crumbling.

I definitely still stand by that, but today I spent the morning and afternoon wandering the (pretty empty) halls of the Belo building downtown, listening to lectures, partaking in panel discussions and eating LOADS of food as part of the Belo Scholarship Day.

You would think that spending a day with a company that is constantly downsizing and reconfiguring would be a bit of downer. Strangely enough, I left inspired and encouraged. And I left feeling like Lindsey and I (and nearly all aspiring journalists) are sitting with a pretty decent view of how it’s all going to go down. We’re at least better off than those who are in the midst of the rubble trying to dig themselves out, right?

I think that the best thing about the industry realizing it needs to “reinvent” itself (reinvent was definitely the most used word of the day) is that we’re sort of in charge of doing that. Media companies like Belo Corp and A.H. Belo Corp are looking for innovative minds to hire. They’re looking for young people with passion and initiative.

During the panel discussion somebody posed the ubiquitous question that in essence asks “how the hell do i get a job?” And their answer was pretty much do everything you can to show you stand out. Show you want this job more than anyone else and show them you’re worth more than anyone else.

The Dallas Morning News managing editor George Rodrigue told a story about some girl in Seattle he knew who got an internship with a paper because she had gone to China with a flip camera on her own dime to do a sort of first-hand report on teenage interaction with the media. His point was that all the applicants for that internship had solid clips, strong references and some experience with their university paper or Web site. But only she had gone to China with a flip camera.

I guess what I’m really getting at is…Lindsey, want to buy a flip camera?


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